Braces Singapore: Type of Dental Braces

Long before they became popular for their aesthetic purposes, tooth braces have actually been around for a long time with the ancients using materials such as an animal’s intestines to do what metallic orthodontic wires do today. History suggests that as early as 300 BC, great minds such as Aristotle and Hippocrates have been trying to figure out ways in which they are able to straighten a person’s teeth or fix various types of dental conditions.

How a Teeth Brace Does Its Job

It may not seem to do much at first glance but for many years, the use of braces have actually been proven to be very effective in fixing dental conditions such as crooked teeth, under bites, over bites, cross bites, open bites, deep bites, malocclusions and other defects involving the teeth and jaw.

What the brace does is it simply moves the teeth in the correct direction through the application of force and pressure. The arch wire – and sometimes springs and rubber bands – that composes the brace is what moves the teeth as it puts pressure on it and on the bracket. Eventually, the constant pressure being put on it will set the teeth to their proper positions.

Types of Tooth Brace
The dental brace comes in many forms, depending on their designs and the materials that they are made of:
-    Regular Metal Braces – are the types that we are used to seeing. Of all types of braces Singapore, they are the most widely used and are the most affordable as well. The material in which it is made of, which is steel, is said to cause stains to the teeth which is why more and more people are becoming hesitant about using them.
-    Nickel titanium braces – are quite the same with regular braces but are bonded with each tooth and then join by a wire. They are lighter and stronger than regular braces but are more expensive.
-    Gold-plated braces – are a good alternative for people who are allergic to nickel and for those who simply prefer the gold finish compared to the stainless steel versions.
-    Lingual braces – are also called invisible braces because they are hidden away at the back of the teeth. The only advantage with this type of dental brace is that they are difficult to adjust and can impede natural movements of the tongue.
-    Clear braces – are the newest version of braces preferred by those who do not wish to be seen with one.

Which braces Singapore would you like to have? Discuss your preferences with your orthodontist to get what is best for you!